Fashion Film: All Hale Queenie featuring Hale Sheffield

As Children, we all loved the magical mystique of playing dress up. When seeing Queenie Cao’s designs, it’s hard not to reminiscence back to this magical and creative time. Modeled by Hale Sheffield, the MEF Team took our minds on a journey behind the childhood of a city kid. Sitting on the stoop hanging with friends, playing in the park until the lights go off and eating out at the infamous Chinese Food spot, were all things unique to our childhood. Looking great while doing all three wasn’t always the first things on our minds, but stunting always was!

Model: Hale Sheffield

Clothes designed by: Queenie Cao

Styled by: Estee Page

Creative Direction: Gabrielle Amani

Photographed by: Ryan Riley

Videography by: Andrew Osborne

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