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Message : I am having work issues with my boss. It’s obvious that he’s into me but I don’t want to mix business with pleasure. How do I tell him I’m not interested and keep my job ?

Black Girl Realness: 

Hi Rachel, You say, “its obvious” your boss is into you, however, how is it obvious. Has he said something that alluded to that fact? Like, “hey baby do you want to go out sometimes” or do you just have a feeling that he is into you. If it is the latter, do nothing until you are sure that he is in fact coming on to you. Document everything – sexual harassment in the workplace is against the law; take detail journal entry notes of his behavior – citing date and time of all inappropriate gestures and speeches. If he has blatantly come on to you tell him that you feel uncomfortable with his behavior and you would like to keep a professional relationship at the workplace. Also send him an email reiterating his inappropriate behaviors, state clearly you want him to stop his behaviors, and inform him that you will file a complaint if it continues. This will serve as further documentation of sexual harassment if you may need to file a claim later.   Never mix business with pleasure so if you are trying to maintain a friendly relationship with him – stop it. Speak with him solely on a professional level as for as the job is concern. Don’t maintain a casual relationship with him – that mean don’t sit and eat lunch with him or hang out with him during breaks and/or after work hours. If he threatens to fire you or fire you, you have a few recourses. 1st , if “the boss” is your immediate supervisor then write a letter to Human Recourse explaining the situation; in the letter state detail time, date, and description of the incidents and ask them to intervene and mediate a mutually beneficial outcome. 2nd, if “the boss” is the owner of the company and your direct supervisor and there isn’t an HR Department, then file a complaint with the United States EEOC Department.

Message : Hi, my name is Lynn, I recently graduated High School but I am still a virgin. Now I am going to college, should I try to loose my virginity this summer to be ready for college?

Black Girl Realness:  

Hi Lynn, what do you mean by “to be ready” for college? If you mean being ready for college by becoming a slut then yeah lose your virginity. If not, keep your virginity in tack and wait for someone special to have a meaningful relationship with. There isn’t anything wrong with being a virgin while in college. College is an educational institution for higher learning and depending on the college an awesome place to party. While attending college you will develop into a mature, responsible, and independent adult that will be able to make more inform decision in regards to your life goals.  You may have many non-virgin in college (and that is fine too) but you have many college students that have made the decision to keep their virginity as well. Enjoy your college years and don’t worry about being a virgin. Virgins can party hard too!


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